Reckon You Can Rise to Any Challenge?
Prove It!

Sure you can hold your breath for 2 minutes? Or predict this season’s X-factor winner? With Betify you can create any challenge on your iPhone, slap a wager on it and prove the doubters wrong. Win? You’ll earn respect, glory and soon real rewards. #justproveit

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Go Crazy. Push Your Limits. Live Life to the Max.

Any daily activity can be made into a wild Betify challenge. Love bikes? Cycle to Paris. Feeling social? Bring over 100 friends at tonight's party.#getin

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Not Just Your Mates. Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.

Whatever you’re nuts about, tag a challenge and find other members who share your passion and are hungry to connect and compete. Thought of an extreme challenge? A million heads could get in on the wager. #abetifyworld

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Know Your Stuff? Show the World & Build Your Reputation.

Your predictions are usually spot on. Right? The election results. The winning team. The next big death in Game of Thrones. With Betify you can show everyone how smart you really are in the topics you care about. #betifygenius

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Win Your Wager & Get What You Deserve.

Whatever that is – a voucher, a free pint, or a night in a 5 stars hotel -  Betify will soon make damn sure that all winners get their just reward – pronto! The more you win the more you get, and the sky is the limit! #betifyrewards

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This is Betify. Excitement in your life guaranteed.

Discover the app. Step into the action today.

Challenge yourself.
Challenge your friends.
Challenge everything.

Download and #jointheaction now

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